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this site is uncopyrighted.

that means we've released our copyright on all the site's code, and the works displayed on it, and put them in the public domain.

no need to ask us for permission; use our work however you want. email it, share it, reprint it with or without credit. change it around, put in a bunch of swear words, whatever!

we'd love if you showed us what you make, and attribution is appreciated, but neither is required.

what if someone uses our work for something we disapprove of?

we realize that some people may alter public domain materials to, for example, spread hate speech.

however, we've intentionally decided to make it so your choice not to use our work for such purposes won't be because you're “not allowed to,” but because it's wrong—and to make clear that our opposition to any such use is toward the hate speech, not because it's infringing on our copyright.

that said, we support ethical open source licenses and will certainly use one if we ever create software, which seems far more likely to get co-opted for inhumane purposes than anything currently on our little website.