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outfit questions (and answers)

the idea is that you keep track of what outfits you wear (for example, by taking selfies) every day for two weeks, and then answer these questions afterward. my responses here are for what we wore from august 9th through the 22nd. also, i'm not sure whether my use of both singular and plural first-person pronouns will be confusing to anyone, but to try and explain: this is a project i did for my own benefit, to get a feel for my personal preferences, although ultimately our clothes belong to all of us. ~sky

the questions themselves are from “the curated closet” by anuschka rees.

your style

what was your favorite outfit from the past two weeks and why? how did it make you feel?

the one we wore on the 11th: colorful t-shirt, rolled-up jeans, black & white flannel tied around our waist, blue & white socks, and blue sneakers.

digital sketch of the above outfit. the t-shirt is patterned with
rectangles in red, orange, yellow, cyan, and navy blue. the flannel is black with a white grid pattern.

i like the thought that i put into it; it was hot that day but there was a chance we'd have to wait inside a building that might've been cold, hence rolled-up jeans instead of shorts, and having the flannel. i also just really like that shirt, so outfits where it works well are automatically some of my favorites. bright colors make me feel... powerful, i guess, and combined with black or other really dark colors looks even better when it's done right.

what was your least favorite outfit and why? how did it make you feel?

the one we wore on the 12th: white tank top, blue floral-print short-sleeved jacket, and blue shorts. it didn't really match; the shirt and pants are both “blue&rdquo but one leans toward green and the other towards purple, so it clashed a bit. also the jacket isn't that comfortable. i kind of forced this one, trying to wear as many of the clothes we have as possible just to see what they're like. kind of hard to describe the specific emotion that bad outfits make me feel.

how happy were you overall with your outfits?

we could definitely still use some better clothes, but i think i did a pretty good job with what we have. we're at least to the point where most of our low-effort outfits aren't repulsive.

how would you describe your style in three adjectives?

any way i answer this is gonna sound fucking contrived (lighthearted), but i'll go with: eclectic and bold yet practical.

what are your 5 most-worn colors? how well do these represent your preferences for colors?

based on a quick tally count made while flipping through the outfits:

  1. blue (11 outfits)
  2. black (11)
  3. white (8)
  4. yellow (5)
  5. orange (4)

not counting neutrals:

  1. blue (5 outfits where i'd consider it a color rather than a neutral)
  2. yellow (5)
  3. orange (4)
  4. green (3)
  5. purple (3)

wasn't expecting yellow to make the top 5, although one of the instances is a pair of blue denim shorts we recently altered with yellow fabric, and two are the same colorful shirt from the first question. i also wouldn't have previously said that i like wearing white, but it can look pretty good when paired with dark colors, and i do want to have a lab coat someday, nyaha. black, blue, orange, green, and purple were all expected.

what types of silhouettes/fits did you wear most often (skinny jeans, flared skirts, loose tops, fitted blazers, etc)? why?

for tops, we mainly wore t-shirts and tank tops because it's hot out, and the shape of them tends to be pretty standard and unadorned for practicality reasons. we have a few baggy shirts that we like enough to wear regularly, but i think i prefer them to be in-between or on the tighter side. i also like wearing an unbuttoned flannel or jacket or something, open over a shirt. bonus points if it's long-cut (i once again state that i would like to have a lab coat someday. i'd also like to have some kind of nearly-floor-length coat, or maybe a cloak, or both.)

for bottoms, we mostly wore tight-fitting shorts, both mid-thigh and knee-length. i usually prefer that since i like the feeling of our thighs being squished a little, but we also wore baggy knee-length shorts a few times and those can be comfy sometimes. we didn't wear long pants very often because, it was hot, but surprisingly when we did it was more often boot-cut ones rather than flared. they're equally comfortable physically, but i really like the silhouette of flared pants. it makes me feel like a cartoon robot—gir when he's not in his dog suit, jenny wakeman, certainly others i can't think of right now.

what outfit formulas did you wear most often?

we most often (9 times) wore a tank top and shorts, evenly split between mid-thigh and knee-length. less often but still common (5 times), we wore a t-shirt with knee-length shorts. as stated before, i like wearing an unbuttoned button-down or somesuch as an overshirt, and we did that 5 times (overlapping with the previous two categories.)

how much variety do you need—a wide range of colors, silhouettes, and details or a signature look with minor variations?

i definitely like sticking to the same few silhouettes, and having lots of different patterns and prints. i guess my preference on range of colors is in-between: i like having a cohesive color scheme, but need more than three non-neutral colors (like we've seen suggested by at least one guide on how to achieve that.)

do you prefer being overdressed or underdressed?

i'm inclined to say overdressed, although that's more in the direction of “halloween costume” than “formalwear” (although it can be both). it's also informed by my view that clothes are for living in, so i generally simply don't keep clothes i wouldn't wanna run around in, and the clothes we're very definitely keeping include two pairs of platform heels and a sparkly dress one might wear to prom. i like to think that if we were somehow isekai'd into the space channel 5 universe, we'd do pretty well.

do you want people to notice your clothes?

oh absolutely. i do kind of wonder whether that will change once i'm happier with how our unadorned body looks, since there'll be less of an angle of trying to distract from that, but i imagine that to an extent i'll still enjoy dressing up.

how did you usually style outfits (tuck in tops, roll up sleeves, etc)? what types of accessories did you wear most often?

i usually Don't style clothes, although i've slowly been getting into rolling up long pants and sleeves so i can wear them when it's warmer, and tucking or tying shirts for the aesthetic. also, i am somewhat of a jewelery enjoyer but i didn't wear any during these two weeks because it's all in a storage bin because we're trying to prepare as much as possible to move all our belongings as soon as we have somewhere to go. i really like earrings, partly because they've been the easiest jewelry to work with, and also because there's just something so adorable about them.

how comfortable were your outfits? what qualities would distinguish the most and least comfortable pieces (fit, material, details, etc)?

our outfits were pretty comfortable overall; like i said three questions ago, i try to pick clothes i can live in. any problems seemed to be that the clothes didn't fit properly, although there's one t-shirt with a knot at the bottom that's uncomfortable when it touches our skin, and one that's just cut to show more sideboob than i'd like.

how well-fitting are your clothes?

kind of already answered this in the previous question—i'd say i'm happy with most of them, but there definitely are ones we need to alter.

what message does your current look send? what message would you like it to send?

we've had our outfit selfies described as being like a cool kid on the cover of a ps2 game, and not as themed as ms. frizzle but having the energy, so we must be doing something right. i'd like to look more specifically like a robot, or at least someone who likes robots. and i'd like to look less like someone random creeps want to talk to, although maybe that's more a matter of spending time with the right people and learning how to interact socially.

if you had total confidence and unlimited access to any clothes you could want, would you keep wearing the same types of outfits as you do now? if not, what would you change?

generally yes; this isn't even our final form and all that, but i feel we're headed in the right direction. we wouldn't keep clothes that have any kind of annoyances just because there's Something we like about them. and we'd definitely try going all-out on certain aesthetics (scene, punk, various sci-fi/fantasy subgenres...)

your wardrobe

how easy is it for you to choose an outfit in the morning?

provided we've done laundry somewhat recently, pretty easy, although we don't get particularly stylish outfits that way. for that, we have to choose an outfit beforehand.

what percentage of your wardrobe did you wear during the past two weeks?

disregarding clothes that it's too damn hot to wear right now, most of them. at least 80, if not 90%. then again, i an effort to wear things i usually don't simply because i had an incentive to plan our outfits. so the percentage for any randomly-chosen two week period would probably be more like 50%.

how many seasons do you have to dress for?

i don't honestly have a good sense of what the meteorological seasons are here. all i know is it's hot right now, but sometimes it gets cool enough that we'd probably rather wear long sleeves than short ones, and rarely but sometimes gets cold such that we Need layers.

what types of occasions do you have to dress for?

i also, don't really think of our life in these kinds of terms, i'm sort of just out here Existing. we have to deal with the situation of when it's hot out but we have to be inside, for an extended time, of a building that's blasting the a/c (or vice-versa.) and gardening, cleaning, doing diy shit, going for a walk or bike ride, meeting friends at Places (although we haven't been doing much of that last one lately.)

how well-equipped is your wardrobe for these situations?

pretty well i'd say, although it would be nice to have a higher density of outfits we Really Like for when meeting friends, and we're still not entirely used to the logistics of putting together Sudden Temperature Change outfits.

what is your stance on wearing the exact same look twice in two weeks? how about repeating individual pieces?

definitely have no problem with wearing the same piece of clothing twice in two weeks; we do laundry at least once a week so if we wanna wear the same shirt or whatever again after washing it, fine. i don't object to wearing the same entire outfit twice, but it'd be nice to have enough good clothes that we don't have to.

what is your typical shopping strategy (fewer more expensive clothes, lots of cheaper items, etc)?

i mean, we're poor (and don't know of any good free clothes swaps near us, and find retail stores stressful for reasons other than price anyway) so we basically only shop at thrift stores and yard sales and such. i try to only pick things that i really really like, however many that may be, but sometimes end up getting a bunch of things that aren't great just because i know they're all better than what we already have.

what's your decision-making process when buying clothes (buy things on a whim, compare all options, etc)?

both of those examples feel true lol. my strategy is basically to go through all of one section (shorts or whatever) and pick up everything that looks interesting and close to our size, then go try them all on and put back anything that was uncomfortable or didn't fit or looked bad. then repeat with whatever other sections we're interested in, and then do one final go-over of all the clothes to decide like, how many i'm willing to buy that day. which probably doesn't sound like “buying things on a whim” but like i said in the last question, i often get stuff that's not great just because it's better than what we already have. which maybe still doesn't sound like a whim but when it comes time to replace those clothes, it feels like it.

you and clothes

what is your main motivation for spending time on style? is it a creative outlet, an expression of your values or personality, etc? does dressing well give you confidence?

i enjoy not feeling repulsed or noticeably disconnected when i look at our body. if i can't look like my actual self, i may as well enjoy dressing up like things that i like.

which emotions have the biggest impact on how you dress? do you dress differently depending on specific moods?

when i feel particularly good i like the process of putting together a good outfit, and when i feel like shit i just grab whatever simple outfit feels the least painful. when i feel at least decent i'm more willing to go for things that look cool but aren't Maximum Comfy; besides that i don't think specific moods sway me more towards specific types of clothes. unless you count things that aren't emotions per se, just being particularly back on my {botany, mad science, spaaace, magical boy, etc} bullshit. then yes, i'm known to enjoy dressing the part.

how much does a lack of confidence prevent you from wearing what you like?

the biggest thing preventing us from wearing what we like is the fear of our mom seeing it and commenting on it, and that's pretty damn big so it's hard to say to what extent anything else factors in.

to what extent is what you wear influenced by people in your life? do people you're closer to have a stronger influence or vice-versa?

i'm inclined to say i'm not very influenced by other people's fashion decisions, but maybe that's only in comparison to how i used to be massively influenced (in basically every aspect, not just clothes) by what our friends were into. of course i still take some inspiration from people whose outfits i think are cool; i don't think there's much of a difference in intensity between friends and random people we don't know.

style goals

the questions here, for completion's sake, were:

  1. what do you like about your current style and wardrobe?
  2. which aspects need work?
  3. what new skills do you need to learn?

but they make me irrationally angry so i'm not answering them. on a lighter note, this was a fun experiment and i hope you enjoyed reading about it!