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i don't normally post an update if i just add a link to the library, but i recently found this album of the day website, and it's extremely cool!! i've submitted a few of my fav albums to it already, and found a few new ones through it that i like.


wrote out this thought about the backyardigans and exploring one's yard that's been stuck in my head for some reason. not entirely sure why i'm choosing to share this with the world, maybe it's just the sort of thing i feel like belongs on a personal website.


haven't been doing much with the site lately besides adding links to the library. i just figured i'd let y'all know, for clarity's sake: throughout the site, i've referred to myself in the plural, and indeed, i was plural when i started this site. i think i directly mentioned it a few times on here? anyway, i'm not anymore, but i don't plan on updating the pronouns i've used for myself right away. this website is a bit of an archive of things i've been into, so i think it should be an archive of things that i've been, too. if i ever go back to rewrite any of the pages, i'll update the pronouns at that point. and if any of y'all are confused or just curious, you're welcome to contact me.


we started making an interactive frontend for msync, the store-and-forward fediverse client. the biggest advantages it'll have over just opening the home.list in a text editor are 1) content warnings hide the post body until you choose to show more, and 2) you'll be able to queue up boosts and replies without having to manually copy post id's. we have 1) working already, but not 2). here's what we far.

also, we added a new apkbuild for frankenWM, a tiling window manager.