notes on forth programming in collapse os

we've been messing around in collapse os, mainly as a way to practice writing forth as we're learning the programming language. so, here's a digitized version of the notes we've taken so far. our main references so far are the collapse os documentation, and the online book starting forth. some of our notes are just what we've gathered from experimentation, and might not be technically correct.

of course we originally wrote these notes as more of a complement to "starting forth" than a full tutorial--but if there's something here you don't understand and would like to, feel free to contact us! we'll explain as best we can, and might update this site to add the info in.

table of contents

  1. getting started
    1. how to even go about playing with collapse os
    2. the stack
    4. printing text
  2. manipulating numbers
    1. types of numbers
    2. arithmetic
    3. stack manipulation
    4. comparison
    5. if/else and loops
  3. memory
    1. addresses
    2. values (basically, variables)
    3. strings
  4. to be continued, maybe?