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going to try out uploading my personal wiki to this site! i'm using zim to generate it. also, i'll be adding pages bit by bit since i like using the new format as a chance to go over what i wrote, make corrections and updates, and whatnot.

technically this is my second time attempting to publicize my wiki, so hopefully this time around, i know more of what i'm doing from a technological standpoint as well as why my wiki exists and how i want to use it.


added my notes on an electronics safety lesson i recently learned through first-hand experience. don't worry, i'm fine and the device i overheated is a toy keyboard that was already broken, i was just vaguely trying to fix it in the attempt to learn about electronics. and i'd say that was a success, lol!


a while back, i made a fedi post asking for people's favorite things to do with black beans, and now i've collected all the bean recipe ideas into a text file!


added some thoughts i had on household chores and whatnot. there's more i wanted to add, so i might come back to that file at some point.