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we started making an interactive frontend for msync, the store-and-forward fediverse client. the biggest advantages it'll have over just opening the home.list in a text editor are 1) content warnings hide the post body until you choose to show more, and 2) you'll be able to queue up boosts and replies without having to manually copy post id's. we have 1) working already, but not 2). here's what we far.

also, we added a new apkbuild for frankenWM, a tiling window manager.


added a new apkbuild for unrar, the rar file extraction program, since the official alpine repos stopped providing updated versions. also updated the file for ttyper from version 0.3.1 to 0.4.1.


we're now using the tree command to generate sitemaps, specifically by running the following command from within the directory of our website files:

tree -H . > sitemap.html

the "-H" flag makes it output HTML instead of plain text, and also requires a directory to use as the base for all links, "." being the current directory. since tree usually prints directly onto your terminal, the greater-than symbol redirects the output into a file, in this case sitemap.html.


added a very silly text file to the site. it's a selection of songs from our music library, sorted by the number of characters in the title (fewest to most). now we're wondering if anyone's ever released a song whose legitimate title contains no characters at all...